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Scores of specialist roles

Not seeing your perferred role on these pages, or want more detail? Into Games, who co-founded Games Careers Week, has a comprehensive guide (for 16 year olds and over) to all the careers available in games including:

What next?

8-11 year olds

* indicates required
  1. Watch Esports tournaments like Rocket League World Championship
  2. Learn how to play your favourite video games and try different esports titles.
  3. Take the opportunity to play with family and friends in a fun environment.
  4. Game titles like Minecraft, Sports and Racing video games are increasingly popular for creativity, exploration and easy to understand.
  5. Educate children about the importance of health and wellbeing. Developing early habits like drinking enough water and a good diet, regular physical activity and sleep patterns all contribute to youth development in and out of the game.

12-15 year olds

* indicates required
  1. Watch Esports tournaments like League of Legends World Championships
  2. Compete with your friends at school in the British Esports Championships
  3. Arrange friendly competitions amongst friends or at school where you can look to set up a schools esports team.
  4. Attende events that can educate and inform on future careers within the esports ecosystem like WorldSkills UK, Insomnia and BETT Show.
  5. Set up and/or take part in esports clubs/societies within your school.
  6. Start to experiment with different roles within events from being a player, shoutcaster, marketing or event coordinating and find what you enjoy the most.

15-17 year olds

* indicates required
  1. Continue with further education by investigating the BTEC Level 3 Esports
  2. Watch Esports tournaments like Fortnite World Cup or Overwatch League
  3. Compete with your friends at school or college in the British Esports Championships
  4. Attend events like the Esports in Education Summit or Esports in Education Conference (Scotland) to learn more about the career options and what qualifications and choices you have when leaving school.
  5. Use opportunities to build a portfolio and understanding of the esports industry. There is plenty of time and information available to develop your career in esports, but find what is right for you.
  6. Develop skills of your own. This can be through tutorials or guides from professionals in the industry, or by doing it yourself and developing a new initiative or style.

18+ year olds

* indicates required

  1. Research esports roles through British Esports Association
  2. Watch Esports tournaments like VALORANT Regional Masters or Call of Duty League
  3. Compete with your friends at college in the British Esports Championships or if you are studying at university compete on behalf of your esports society in NUEL or NSE national competitions.
  4. Continue to build towards your esports career by getting work experience in other industries, which will build transferable skills to find a role in esports.
  5. Check out this esports jobs listings site.

Games Careers Week is a free non-profit event organised and funded by the BGI, Into Games and Grads in Games, supported by TIGA, NextGen Skills Academy, Gamesindustry.biz and Ukie

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About the BGI
About the BGI

The BGI is a charity number 1183530 which educates the public about games through the National Videogame Museum, training and research.

About Into Games
About Into Games

Into Games is a national non-profit Community Interest Company that supports people from all backgrounds in finding rewarding careers in games.

About Grads for Games
About Grads for Games

Grads in Games is a non-profit Community Interest Company which equips students with the skills games employers need.

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